What We’re Listening To: August

This month we are taking a break from our regular What We’re Reading post to share with you what we on The Arc team have been listening to! Check out these great podcasts recommendations.


Revisionist History

I’ve been listening to Revisionist History for the last few years and I cannot get enough. Host, Malcolm Gladwell, reexamines stories that may or may not be familiar to us showing us that things are not always as they seem. This podcast has given me a new perspective on many topics and is something that gets me thinking, regardless of the topic. Gladwell is also an incredibly talented and entertaining host, so you will be captivated no matter what. These shows are perfect for your morning commute as you shake the sleepiness from your mind.


Creative Juice

Being a musician, I not only want to engage in creative expression but know that I’m using the right strategies for long-term success. Kyle and his crew are great at breaking down modern-day marketing strategies into key steps that make sense for musicians. I love their laid-back approach to conversation and they always recommend tools and software that make efficient use of time. It’s wonderful!



The Thriving Christian Artist

In this podcast, artist, author, and speaker Matt Tommey offers encouragement and practical wisdom for Christians who desire to pursue their artistic gifts. Through interviews from practicing Christian artists in a variety of media, “5-minute mentoring” and teachings by Matt, listeners glean helpful and applicable tips to empower their creative calling. Matt heavily emphasizes how the arts uniquely support our roles in the Kingdom of God. As a writer and dancer, this vision has both inspired and challenged me; my art is not optional but vital to becoming who God created me to be and releasing His Kingdom on the earth.

The Thriving Christian Artist is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning more about how our creative gifts (whether “artistic” or not) can help advance the Kingdom of God.


Made for This Podcast with Jennie Allen

I’ve been listening to a new podcast from Jennie Allen this month. It has been so encouraging to hear from a leader who authentically shares biblical truths. She weaves in scripture, practical steps and invites guests to speak on certain topics such as how to have healthy relationships, honest friendships and how to live in community. I’ve been challenged and encouraged by these short episodes that are perfect for my drive to work and home!




Daily Audio Bible

Hosted by Brian Hardin (and his amazing voice), this podcast goes through the whole Bible in a year by reading sections from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs each day. In my experience of listening to Daily Audio Bible, I’ve found it to be both convicting and therapeutic at the same time. There is usually an ambiance of rain or soft music in the background as Brian reads the Scripture, followed by his brief insights regarding the context and/or application of the reading. As a result, this podcast is a superb tool for multitaskers who enjoy listening to something special while driving, working, cleaning, and etc. There is also an active prayer community involved with Daily Audio Bible, and one can hear the very moving words of people praying for each other — often complete strangers — near the end of the episodes.

Tell us, what are you currently listening to?

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