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The Ultimate Makeover: Get a New Look, God’s Way

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. — Romans 12:2

I recently went jean shopping. AGH. Next to trying on swimsuits, this has to be the most demoralizing activity on the face of the earth for which we have to pay. To add insult to injury, as I strolled past the cosmetic counter and stopped to gaze at the endless variety of eye shadows, lipsticks, and blushes, the twentysomething gal behind the counter sporting flawless skin and perfect pouty lips said, “You look like you could use a makeover.”

Really? Do I look like I need a makeover? I thought my “natural look” was working for me. But the seed was planted: As I walked away, I began to wonder if, indeed, it was time for something new.

Many of us purchase a wide array of eye shadows (or concealer!) to make our eyes appear brighter. We go on diets that promise flatter tummies. And we buy jeans that give the illusion of a rounder fanny. However, our quest for physical self-improvement and even the occasional self-imposed attitude adjustment often leave us frustrated and disappointed, as the results rarely last.

We frantically strive for enhancements, sometimes even perfection, to the point of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual exhaustion. I don’t think this is what Christ had in mind for us when he promised us the abundant life. And I’m pretty sure that lasting peace can’t be found in a size four jean or “smoky” eyelids (although both sound appealing).

Our world is ridiculously demanding today, and most of us would say that we’re spread too thin. From women in the workforce to stay-at-home moms to those who are retired, our culture demands perfection in every life stage and in every aspect of our lives. It’s easy for even devout followers of Christ to succumb to the world’s interpretation of achievement, happiness, or success.

We often forget that God’s definition is very different, and only his way is guaranteed to provide a life of joy and peace—even, and especially, when we face challenges at work, fear for an addicted child, or the loneliness experienced because of lost love. Nothing in this world has the ability to transform frantic living into lasting peace. Only God. If we want real change, we have to allow him full access to our minds, bodies, and souls.

To opt in to the abundant life, we must go beyond a superficial reinvention and yield to spiritual transformation. This ultimate makeover starts with surrendering our wills, our desires, our preconceived ideas, and our worries to God. When we give God permission to mold us into the people he so desires us to be, the transformation is set in motion.

As we commit to studying his Word and discipline ourselves to purposeful prayer, an amazing new person begins to emerge. Obsessions fade. Anxieties are quieted. Fears are replaced with optimism. In Jesus Calling, Sarah Young writes, “Whatever occupies your mind the most becomes your god.” When we finally resolve to make God our God, we’re made anew.

Are you thinking now that you might need a makeover too? Come sit at his feet and admit that a new heart is just what you need. Let God transform your mind so that you can enjoy the abundant life he has promised. Give Christ full control to make you more like him and put an end to that frantic living, once and for all.

His makeovers are truly the best. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love your new look.

By Ellen Miller, author of Spread Too Thin

You know the drill. Somebody asks, “How are you?” and you respond automatically: “Crazy busy!” “I’m exhausted!” “Running too fast.”

And it’s no wonder! Between the breakneck speed of your job, the one million family activities on the calendar, the volunteer luncheon you signed up to host, the growing to-do list on your phone, and the workout you’ve been meaning to get to for weeks—if you ever stopped long enough to think about it, you’d be curled up in the fetal position on the floor.

Life these days. It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

Ellen Miller gets it—and she wrote Spread Too Thin just for you. Whatever stage of life you find yourself in, you don’t have to live it frantically. Written for women who care deeply and extend themselves selflessly, this 90-day devotional offers an honest look at the obligations that have drained us and then point us toward a more abundant life with Jesus. Through personal stories, practical insights, and classic Ellen humor, you’ll discover that it is possible to find hope—and even peace!—throughout your harried, overcommitted days.

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