The Arc Podcast Episode 43: Efrem Smith

Joy and Adam talked with Efrem Smith author of Killing Us Softly (Navpress). Efrem is the president of World Impact, an urban missions and church-planting organization. He is a teaching pastor at Bayside Midtown Church in Sacramento, CA and the author of Jump, The Post-Black & Post-White Church, and (with Phil Jackson) The Hip-Hop Church.



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Learn more at: books.thedisciplemaker.org/killing-us-softly/

The gospel is good news, but in a world like ours, it can seem like a kind of death. The road to life in Christ, after all, takes us through the Cross.
But if God is killing us, he’s killing us softly, gently remaking us in his image. That’s a stark difference from our cold, hard world- a world turned upside down by sin, a world no one gets out of alive.

In Killing Us Softly Efrem Smith invites us into the counter-cultural Kingdom of God right here in our midst, which is actively, relentlessly setting us and the whole world right-side up.

Be challenged and empowered by this “punch packing fist of a book” as you learn what it means to become ambassadors for Christ.

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