LOVE IN ACTION: Free Devotional Downloadable

Prepare your heart for Valentine’s Day with this free downloadable devotional about love in action.

Sourced from Bearing Fruit in God’s Family (The 2:7 Series) by The Navigators

In our twenty-first-century world, people have many different definitions of love. Many of these come from the illustrations of love found in movies, on television, in advertisements, online, and, perhaps, from personal experience. The Scriptures speak directly about love. The Bible tells us what love is and how we may demonstrate it.

To love the whole world
For me is no chore;
My only real problem’s
My neighbor next door.

Amidst this special season of candy hearts and time spent with dear ones, why not reflect on what the Bible says about love? Click HERE to download a free devotional on love taken from the Bible study, Bearing Fruit in God’s Family.

Bearing Fruit in God’s Family by The Navigators

Bear fruit for a lifetime through the life-giving habits of Bible reading, prayer, and evangelism. Learn to prioritize and balance them as you blend them together into a unified whole. Combined with the practices and knowledge you gained in books one and two of The 2:7 Series, Bearing Fruit in God’s Family will help you connect everything together: studying, meditating on, memorizing Scripture, and identifying personally with Jesus. Together, these skills will nourish your soul for a lifetime of fruitful ministry. (The 2:7 Series is discipleship training with a proven track record. Each book leads participants through the fundamentals of discipleship to strengthen their walk with God.)

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