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How to Get Started with Bible Journaling

Bible journaling has become a phenomenon with products, blogs, YouTube channels and even events dedicated to the art form. But what is it, exactly? Bible journaling is simply a creative way of reflecting on scripture. Whether you like to create within the pages of your Bible or keep a separate journal, color provided line art or come up with works of your own, Bible journaling is a unique way to connect with and meditate on God’s word. A common misconception is that you need to be an artist to Bible journal – not true! It’s all about finding your own personal style and doing whatever allows you to best connect with scripture and express yourself. Another myth is that you need to spend a lot of money to get started. This is also false! You can start with any old journal or the Bible you already have. While there are tons of resources out there, all you really need is pen, paper and the desire to worship God with your expression. If you’re interested in giving Bible journaling a try, or if you are looking for some new resources, we’ve gathered some of our favorite articles and products here. Take a look if you’d like and let us know in the comments, what are your favorite products and processes for Bible journaling?






  • Thanks so much for including the Lettering His Love blog in your list of articles! I am absolutely loving your blog!


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