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How to Fill Your Easter Basket with Christ-Centered Gifts

Gift-filled baskets are a fun way to celebrate Easter, but how can you do so without taking away from the true meaning of this holiday? We’ve pulled together a list of ideas on how to create a Christ-centered Easter basket!

1. Add in a new Children’s Bible. We like the My First Hands-On Bible for ages 2–6 and the Hands-On Bible for ages 6-12. These Bibles engage kids with games, crafts, and other activities that truly allow reading Scripture to be hands on! Other Bibles that can get kids involved in the Word are the Inspire Bible for Girls and the The Epic Bible, a full-color graphic Bible. See other children’s Bibles on sale HERE.

2. Throw in an activity book that teaches children about God while they are learning to read. We like this Jesus Blesses the Children Story + Activity Book for an interactive way to learn how much Jesus loves them and wants them near Him. This book includes stickers, discussion questions, and activities designed to bring enjoyment and deepened learning experiences for kids.

3. You can never have too many stickers! The Faith That Sticks stickers are fun for kids to share with their friends and to use for their crafts.

4. Add a new book like The Backward Easter Egg Hunt or The Lost Lamb and the Good Shepherd. The Backward Easter Egg Hunt includes a fun family activity that you can make part of your annual Easter tradition to celebrate Jesus. With a specially prepared rhyming list, the children embark on a scavenger hunt to fill the empty eggs with items that remind them that Jesus died on a cross and rose again teaching them about the true meaning of Easter! The Lost Lamb and the Good Shepherd tells the story of the Good Shepherd and the lost lamb from two different, biblical points of view. You can flip the book to enjoy two stories in one!

5. Give your kids a new Adventures in Odyssey CD. This collection of episodes will introduce new listeners to the characters of Adventures in Odyssey for under $10’s! Bible stories, character-building adventures, and historical events are all fair game for object lessons in living. Collect them all! The Adventures in Odyssey Life Lessons series discusses character-building traits such as compassion, honesty, respect and peer pressure by compiling a collection of action-packed stories by theme. This is a fun way to incorporate Bible stories into car rides and road trips, and your kids will be learning life lessons along the way.

6. Add in a new coloring book like The Gigantic Coloring Book of Bible Stories with some new art supplies. Or Inspire: Luke & John for the older kids in your life! This coloring book includes Bible stories from Genesis to Revelation and includes a Bible reference on each page. This is a fun way to get your kids to read Bible stories, and they will love having new supplies to create beautiful art!

Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, Elizabeth is close to accepting the fact that she's now a Midwesterner. She enjoys family time with her three kids, playing classical flute in ensembles of all sizes, eating sushi with friends, and doing small renovation projects in her home.

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