Gratitude Devotional Series

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Here’s what to expect:

Day 1: Our God Is an Awesome God 
Day 2:
Get Your Praise On!
Day 3: 
The Ultimate Promise Keeper 
Day 4:
Every Day Is a New Opportunity to Bless Others 
Day 5:
Cherish Every Moment 
Day 6:
Take It Step by Step

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  • I look forward to this devotional series. Thank you Joy!

    A note for Joni….
    Joni, I’ve known about you ever since I can remember. I lost track of you for a while and I thought you went into hiding because of your health issues. I just read your testimony and your words are exactly what I’ve been hearing from God but I asked Him for confirmation and through your words He did! He wants me to take life in small steps. My whole world came crashing down several years and I lost so much. I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice specializing in the area of Human Trafficking. I planned on getting a job going everywhere to talk about Human Trafficking at schools, churches, events, and wherever I could. God didn’t just shut that door, he slammed it…lovingly. He had other plans.
    I was suddenly diagnosed with so many health issues and had several surgeries, doctor visits, and continue to this day. God kept telling me to Be Still and I ignored Him because I was so mad at Him for putting me on bed rest for four years. But during those years He began cleaning out all the dirt in me to get at the strong warrior and loved child of God. He’s still cleaning me out. I’ve been abused most of my life and have been put through hell. But I was forced to look at my life at I decided to get rid of my life as it was and start a new life with God at my side. I was suicidal many times but God always showed up to grab me up in His arms.
    I’m still struggling every day but you inspire me and I’m trying to discover how God sees me and what He created me for.


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