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Am I More Than “Just a Mom?”

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by Robin Jones Gunn, author of A Pocketful of Hope for Mothers

When our children were little, I started writing the Christy Miller series for teen girls. For decades, I received mail from young women who were growing up and figuring out their identity. At every turn, they were being told that they could do anything, be anything, dream anything. I thought it was great!

Then a few years ago I started to see the fallout.

All the shoot-for-the-stars messages that had so enlivened the imaginations of this generation had created busy, creative women who were repeating the same questions.

I heard the murmurings at baby showers and over lunch with thirty-somethings. I listened to my daughter-in-law as she rocked her second baby and watched as my daughter played with her toddler son.

Am I more than “just a mom”?

Is it okay if I’m not?

Is being a mom sufficient? At least for now?

I kept wondering, how is it that all the noble attempts to empower this generation of women with a vision for endless possibilities has created such an ache for them to know that they are enough?

My solution was to give them words.

I wrote “Daughter of Mine” so my daughter would know she was enough. I hoped it would encourage her as she struggled and juggled her way through motherhood. But then I saw something more—more of who my daughter and my daughter-in-law are, more of what has been infused into the young moms of this generation. So, I wrote about that in “More Than.”

I hope these heart-felt thoughts bring you some encouragement the way they did for the two most important young mamas in my life.

Daughter of Mine

Just yesterday you were an infant, safely nestled in my arms;
today you are a mother.
You hold your son with the wide-eyed look of a newly-initiated member of this
ancient, maternal fellowship.
With deep affection I welcome you.
I see your courage. I smile at your tenderness.
Amidst all the celebration, part of me aches silently because I remember
so clearly
this coronation into motherhood.
I remember how badly I wanted to get it right—how I wanted to always do my best and
give it my all. I didn’t want to make a single mistake.
But I did.
And so will you. And it’s okay.
Now listen.
Listen with your heart.
Here is the truth that must be spoken, O daughter of mine:
You are enough.
You are enough woman, mother, chef, nester, teacher, friend, housekeeper, entertainer,
lullaby singer, storyteller, and puppeteer.
You are enough, and you have enough of all that is needed for today
—just today—
as you nurture this tiny human soul delivered into your care.
Don’t be afraid.
Don’t worry about what lies ahead. Embrace the adventure with your whole heart.
Day by day
the Lord will make you equal to the task.
All you have to do is what is set before you today.
Just today.
Motherhood is on-the-job training.
There is no rehearsal. No do-over days. Just today.
And just you.
You are the one God chose to be the mother of this little one.
And you are enough.
Rest in the peace that comes with this timeless truth,
O Daughter of Mine.

More Than

I was wrong.
My darling daughter, I was wrong.
I told you that you were enough.
Enough woman, mother, chef, teacher, puppeteer . . .
Today I saw the deeper truth as I watched you accomplish heroic acts of everyday motherhood.
Now I know that you are not enough.
The truth is
you are more than.
More than
the length of your days
or the breadth of your knowledge.
More than
yesterday’s accomplishments
or tomorrows goals.
You are more than you were when you started this journey into motherhood.
More than
a diaper-changing station
or a 24-hour concession stand.
You are more than you can see;
more than your thin emotions can feel.
You are more than the sum of all your parts.
More than what you saw in the mirror this morning.
More than what you told yourself three minutes ago.
Listen. Hear this and treasure it in your heart.
You don’t have to
do more
be more
give more
try more.
You already are more.
More than you know.
You are
a song in the night
a gentle touch
a calm word
an assuring smile
a soft kiss.
You are not just enough, dear little mama.
You are more than.
In all things, for all days,
you are more than a conqueror through Him who
handcrafted you
unfailingly loves you
continually guides you.
He is the One who placed on you the care of these eternal souls—
the Giver of all good gifts.
The One who is
and was
and is to come.
He will give you more than enough to see you through.

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