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A Handful of Books for the Littles in Your Life

Everybody loves a good story, and your littles are no exception. Though “screen time” is a popular household phrase, books are still a timeless means of teaching important lessons, building an appreciation for story, and tugging at our heartstrings. If you’re looking for some reads for your kiddos that will do just that, look no further. The following books are brilliant resources for curious, inquisitive minds. Most importantly, these reads will cultivate children with an intimate knowledge of their Creator and who he has made them to be.

How Much Is a Little Girl Worth?   

First up in the lineup is this picture book by Rachael Denhollander. It’s a touching read that reminds young girls of their God-given value. More than ever before, young girls are faced with messages from the culture that can be confusing and distort the view they should have of themselves. This book is a self-confidence builder, reminding girls of all ages that they have immeasurable worth because they are made in God’s image. Aside from the empowering message, the illustrations are whimsical and lovely, sure to capture the attention of precious minds everywhere.

Looking for more books that will remind your kids of their value in Christ? Check out You Are and I Couldn’t Love You More.


If you’re looking to add a little creative storytelling into your child’s bedtime routine, Shine is the perfect place to start. This wordless picture book allows children to put their own words to the images on each page. Shine’s illustrations are enchanting and depict main character, Mia, going throughout her day, shining the light of Christ to those around her. She is seen praying, an observation that helps children make the connection between Mia’s spiritual habits and her loving attitude.

Looking for another imaginative read? Check out Good Night Tales. It’s got animal kings, trolls, and giants. What’s not to like?

Your Magnificent Chooser

In those early years of childhood, kids are learning how to make good choices, obey their parents, and coexist with those around them. Your Magnificent Chooser teaches kids that they can make right choices daily—from what they wear to school to what attitude they adopt throughout the day. It’s a creative way to drive an important lesson home, and it will encourage young ones to behave and make wise, life-giving choices.

Looking for further reads that will get your children thinking? Check out Big Thoughts for Little People and Does God Take Naps?


Mi Biblia para la hora de dormir   

Whether you or your kiddos are learning Spanish or are already fluent, you’ll enjoy Mi Biblia para La Hora de Dormir. It’s a collection of over 40 recognizable Bible stories told in Spanish. In addition, the illustrations are incredibly charming and sure to captivate the attention of little readers. The title even reminds kids that Bible reading and bedtime are the perfect pair!

Looking for additional children’s books in Spanish? Check out El Arca and Historias bíblicas para compartir un abrazo.



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