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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Prints from Your Wedding Day

Choosing the perfect pictures from your wedding day is no easy task, especially when there are hundreds of gorgeous photos to review!

Below are five ideas for capturing the best moments of the day, from the “getting-ready” to your last dance and grand exit. Preserve your memories through photos that will soon be family heirlooms.

  1. Enjoy the Process

Your wedding photos will remind you of your special day for the rest of your life. Choosing photos should be enjoyable! View this as another stage in your wedding journey.

  1. Tell Your Story

Arrange images chronologically, highlighting scenes of the day. Include unique elements from your ceremony and reception. Allow the images to flow smoothly as you relive the events.

  1. Break the Day into Sections

Create a balance of pictures from every part of your day. Scenes may include:
• Details of the wedding venue (including the wedding venue)
• Pre-ceremony pictures
• Bride getting ready
• Groom getting ready
• First look
• Bride and groom portraits
• Ceremony decor
• Ceremony
• Bridal party pictures
• Family portraits (bride’s side)
• Family portraits (groom’s side)
• Bride and groom sunset portraits
• Reception decor
• Reception photos
• Your exit

  1. Include Your Must-Haves, Not Your Should-Haves

Celebrate you. This is your wedding day! Choose your favorite images and focus on the photos you love.

  1. Choose a Variety

Avoid too much repetition in the album. This can be accomplished through choosing a variety of photos.

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