5 Crucial Attitudes for Funding Your Ministry

When you signed up for ministry, no one told you that fundraising pushes you to the limits of your character. Fundraising helps you apply the admonition to all believers of 2 Corinthians 3:18—to be “transformed into his image”. That is a good thing!

Before you meet with one more person or send one more email, compare your attitudes with these ten. Which ones do you need to shore up?

1. God—not our donors or hard work—is the source.

We sometimes look not to other people but to ourselves as the source of funding— our hard work, our vibrant personalities, even our technology.

But getting a ton of “likes” on Facebook will not get you up to budget!

Having a sharp ministry video will not get you up to budget.

Being outgoing and friendly will not get you up to budget.

Even having a successful ministry will not get you up to budget. Sorry.

Certainly we must communicate well. But let’s look to God—not our donors, our skills, or hard work—as the Source.

2. Prayer demonstrates our dependence on God.

May I suggest two action steps? Jot down the names of your supporters in your prayer journal. Aim for ten.

Second, start a “by prayer alone” short list. Jot down names of people who you hope will support you but whom you don’t feel led by God to ask.

(Make sure fear doesn’t influence your decision! If you’re fearful, you probably should ask them.)

Can you think of two names for your “by-prayer-alone” list? Take a moment right now.

3. Understand your job versus God’s job.

It seems obvious, but we bring ourselves frustration when we slide into roles God intended only for Himself. It’s true in evangelism, in leadership, and especially in fundraising.

God’s Job
Calling me to special ministry

God’s Job
Surrounding me providentially with friends and family, and bringing acquaintances across my path

My Job
Inviting friends, family, and acquaintances to join me financially in ministry

God’s Job
Providentially guiding friends, family, and acquaintances to make a stewardship decision to support me

My Job
Thanking, informing, and ministering to financial partners

4. Biblical fundraising is a spiritual ministry, not a worldly effort.

Philippians 4:10 gives a simple formula for fundraising: “You were concerned before, but you lacked opportunity” (emphasis added).

People need concern for the Lord’s work and an opportunity to show their concern.

Besides recruiting support, giving people stewardship opportunities also opens doors to further ministry.

5. Emphasize your vision, not your need.

Don’t merely describe your mission organization, but explain it in such a way that you bond with the donor.

Don’t explain your ministry—illustrate it!

Tell stories about real people in your work to help your listener become passionate about what you’re trying to accomplish.

Adopting the ten attitudes in this chapter honors Christ and relieves fundraising pressure.

Which one or two is the Lord is speaking to you about? Bring them to Him in prayer over the next few days.

From Funding Your Ministry by Scott Morton

Funding Your Ministry is an in-depth, biblical guide for successfully raising personal support. Whether you are experienced at fundraising or just starting out, Funding Your Ministry will help answer your questions and put you on the biblical path for recruiting and maintaining donor support.

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  • Wow what a good article and an encouragement to keep going in ministry, not my effort but God Providence.


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