What We’re Reading: January


Parenting by Paul David Tripp

December it was The Tech-Wise Family, and now, for January, it’s Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family, by Paul Tripp. So, yeah…I’m noticing a theme. What could God be telling me I need attention on? Oh, that’s right: Being a Dad.

The book has 14 chapters, each chapter a gospel-driven principle about what our parenting has to do with Jesus, the grand story of God, in the work of His redemption, and His purposes for His glory. This book reads more like a treasure-map, than a to-do list. It is practical, sure, but that is not the goal. The goal, as I’m halfway through it, is to have us as parents, first shaped by the life-transforming Gospel of Jesus, so that our parenting is in right-alignment with God, to shape our kids, the way He wants. I’m going to take my time with this one. There’s a lot of good stuff here.

To-Read: Another Gospel? by Alisa Childers 


Courage, Dear Heart: Letters to a Weary World by Rebecca K. Reynolds

I first learned about this book from an author interview on one of my favorite podcasts, but admittedly I was hesitant to pick it up because of the heavy-sounding title. Yet I soon found myself in need of Rebecca’s raw, honest words. Her heartfelt “letters” to the suffering, discouraged, and weary are real about pain but not without hope. With deep vulnerability and beautiful writing, Rebecca comes alongside the reader and offers not easy answers but words to name our struggles. Surprisingly, when we bravely face our suffering, we find ourselves wrapped in the embrace of the God whose arms were nailed to a cross so that we would not only be ultimately delivered from our pain but also that, in the meantime, we would never suffer alone.

To-Read: The Powerful Purpose of Introverts by Holly Gerth


Wife in Pursuit by Selena Frederick

My husband and I have followed Ryan and Selena Frederick for some time now. We love their podcast, Fierce Marriage, and listened to many of their episodes during our engagement. For Christmas, we received two of their books, Wife in Pursuit and Husband in Pursuit. While we are still working through these books, I am already such a fan of them. Selena is Christ-centered  in her approach to marriage. She reminds us that the best way to pursue your spouse is through pursuing the Lord first and being reminded of how he faithfully, perfectly pursues us. Each reading is accompanied with scripture, reflection questions, and a pursuit challenge. My husband and I are newlyweds, so our schedules haven’t quite become full of kids’ dance recitals and big family dinners yet. We still have plenty of time to spend with each other. Still, this book has sparked new ideas and encouraged us to look beyond the surface of our marriage into its depths to its roots. 

To-Read: See-Through Marriage by Ryan and Selena Frederick


The Hiding Place (audio dramatized version) by Corrie ten Boom

This month, I plan to listen to the radio dramatization of The Hiding Place after a couple of my friends highly recommended the true account to me. I’m an avid admirer of memoirs, especially those that are deep, personal journeys amidst tragedies, for I hope to learn from lives shining bright in spite of despairing circumstances and events in history. Although I have familiarity with other WWII books and media, I have not yet experienced Corrie ten Boom’s classic despite its fame. I am truly looking forward to starting my 2021 off with The Hiding Place and the accompanying thoughtfulness of the presence of God within the extraordinary influence and perseverance of real-life heroes.

To-Read: The Secret Holocaust Diaries: The Untold Story of Nonna Bannister by Denise George and Carolyn Tomlin

Tell us, what are you currently reading? What’s on your To-Read Pile?

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