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10 Things for Book Lovers to LOVE

It’s officially National Book Lover’s Day, and we are celebrating with some of our favorite book and book-related finds. If you are looking for new ways to celebrate your love for books, read on!

1. Open Library

This is a great online tool that lets you download and check out e-books for free. If you are like us, your bookshelves are probably already overflowing with books that you’ve read, will read, or forgot you even had. Let your next book be one you virtually check out.

2. LibriVox

This tool is a largely unknown win for classic literary lovers who also love audio books. Each classic is read by either one or several narrators, and every book is completely free to listen to! Download the whole book for internet- and data-free listening at a later date or a convenient time.

3. My Reader Rewards

Most free books are e-books, and while we love a good e-book, sometimes we just want the hard copy. Tyndale has created a rewards program that lets users participate in activities, share on social media, and review books for points. These points can be redeemed for free books. Even the shipping is free! You don’t have to buy Tyndale products to earn free merchandise, though you can receive points for purchases, as well.

4. Goodreads Giveaways

Sticking to the free trend, have you looked at the Goodreads giveaways? Each day there are many new books that are given away. This is a great way to learn about new authors and try out new genres. Check the site frequently for updates.


Tyndale has many great e-book deals going on at any given time! Check out to see which books are being offered for a few dollars. Often, Tyndale offers e-books for FREE! The newsletter will keep you in the loop about which books will be offered each month. You can sign up here.

6. Book-related subscription box

We stumbled upon these while researching for this article. Who doesn’t love book-related goodies? We found two that we think are pretty cool, but there are others out there that might appeal to you even more. For those who want coffee, tea, or hot chocolate along with book-lover swag, you could try the Bookish Box. If you love classics with your hot drinks, try Coffee and a Classic. See what’s out there!

7. Giveaways on

Tyndale often runs giveaways (most frequently in the fiction category), so visit our site, check out Crazy4Fiction, and keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Even if you don’t win, it is always fun to learn about new titles!

8. Bargains on

Whether you are looking for a gift, a book, or a Bible, you can likely find it for a drastically reduced price in the bargain section on . If you are okay with some added browsing, you could land yourself something to love for less than a dollar! Discover older books, something slightly damaged, or a Bible that has changed bindings for a fraction of the retail price.

9. Free and cheap e-books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Both sites offer free and cheap e-books. Check each site frequently to see what deals you can find! Spending a dollar or less for a new book is a daily win!

10. Book lover shirts and accessories on Etsy

If you love books, why not share that with the world? A quick Etsy search lets you discover all sorts of book-related apparel. From shirts to mugs, there is something for everyone to love!

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