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10 Best Articles from 2018

Today marks two years of The Arc! Thank you for your loyal readership, and for sharing your thoughts about your favorite posts. Here’s a list of some of the most popular articles from 2018. We’re looking forward to all that’s to come in 2019!

How to Help a Friend Walking Through a Dark Time by Sarah VanDiest

He said it felt as if he were in a raft floating down a river and up ahead he could hear the crashing sounds of a massive waterfall. He had no paddles. There were no handy, low-hanging vines to grab. There was nothing he could use to stop his small craft from plummeting over the edge and crashing to the rocks below. The inevitable was coming, and he could do nothing to stop it. Read more HERE>>

3 Truths About Releasing Your Children to God by Amy K. Sorrells

I’ve read through Jochebed and Moses’ story numerous times in the last couple of years because of writing Before I Saw You, and the Lord has used this journey to help me realize three key things about entrusting our children to the Lord—no matter what the age or circumstance. Read more HERE>>

4 Steps to Free Your Marriage from Unresolved Anger by Tony Evans

Often what happens in marriages that are clouded by unresolved anger is that the arguments become so toxic and volatile in their language and tone that they produce no good but drive a deeper wedge of division into the marriage. Read more HERE>>

The Problem with Being “Spiritual But Not Religious” by Greg Paul

Spiritual or religious? It’s not a matter of choosing between them. We need to be both. I don’t mean we should be both. I mean we need it. Read more HERE>>


Unite in Prayer for Our Nation: Free Email Prayer Series

For six successive days, you will receive an e-devotional with a prayer to offer up to God. You’ll be encouraged to intercede in a way that releases God’s power and unleashes His blessing. Sign up for the devotional HERE>>

An Open Letter from a Recovering People Pleaser by Tara Johnson

I’ve discovered people-pleasing is a moving target. It’s a lie that says approval and love are the same thing. However, in the course of time, God revealed his truth to my heart. Approval and love are not the same thing at all. They are, in fact, polar opposites. Read more HERE>>

Sexual Brokenness: Stop Setting Yourself Up to Fail by Jay Stringer

It is my conviction that the God of the universe is neither surprised by nor ashamed of the sexual behavior we participate in. Instead, he understands it to be the very stage through which the work of redemption will be played out in our lives. Read more HERE>>

5 Books That Changed My Life: Tricia McCary Rhodes

I have been a book lover from my earliest years, as are most writers. Books are like friends to me—some have come and gone, while others have endured the test of time. Here are five that I value for the life-changing impact they continue to have. Read more HERE>>

The Fundamentals of Developing Authentic Characters by Francine Rivers

I love to create characters who can do the things I wish I could do. I can live out my fantasy of painting something beautiful and evocative, be it graffiti or a work on canvas. Read more HERE>>


What Book of the Bible Should You Study?

The study of Scripture is essential to spiritual growth. But it can be daunting to choose what to study from among 66 books of various genres, authors, and topics. Take this quiz to find out which book you should study next!


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