This Month in Tyndale History: January Edition

2012 is Tyndale’s 50 th year in business, to celebrate we’ll be doing a variety of things throughout the year including introducing today’s monthly blog feature.

This Month in Tyndale History will take a look back in time at the notable events that happened in Tyndale’s history by month.

Here are some notable January events from Tyndale’s history:


An 11,000 square foot warehouse is added to the building at Tyndale’s first Carol Stream, IL location (located behind the current building), to facilitate fulfillment of the huge sales of The Living Bible .



The Tyndale Bookstore is opened in Fox Valley Center, Aurora. It is the latest of several bookstores Tyndale opened in the Chicagoland area. A little over five years after the Fox Valley store opens, it and two other local stores are sold to Zondervan.




The Rise of Babylon , by Charles Dyer, is rushed into print prior to the January 15 deadline set by the United Nations for Iraq to pull out of Kuwait.  By the end of the February, 375,000 copies are sold.