THF Partners with Project MedSend to Deploy Medical Missionaries

Project MedSend helps Christ-following healthcare professionals minister and effectively care for those in the least served areas of the world. Because of the level of training that these professionals have, even countries closed off to the gospel will turn their heads and let them in. The primary purpose of a medical missionary is to use healthcare as the vehicle to share the gospel.  

Since 1992, Project MedSend has sent out more than 650 healthcare professionals into countries where physical and spiritual needs are great. Fifty-seven countries around the world have fewer than 2.3 healthcare providers for every 1,000 people, and that doesn’t even take into consideration additional needs arising from COVID-19. Ongoing pandemics, natural disasters, and other events will continue to widen this gap. 

In addition to sharing the gospel and providing healthcare to people around the world, Project MedSend is also enabling medical students to get on the mission field faster. Healthcare education in the United States averages between $40,000 and $300,000, leaving most graduates drowning in debt after they graduate. For those seeking to serve on the mission field, they are often delayed in getting there until all their student loans have been repaid. MedSend helps those who desire to get to the mission field as early as possible by offsetting their debt through making payments on missionaries’ educational loans while they serve.    

Tyndale House Foundation has been supporting the work of Project MedSend since 2010 through grants that have helped offset student loans and enable healthcare providers to serve where they are called and minister to the hurting. Today, Project MedSend has 180 missionaries currently serving in places like Africa, Haiti, Asia, and the Middle East/North Africa region. 

When you purchase Tyndale House products, you help to support the work of organizations like Project MedSend. More than that, you support our mission to meet people’s physical and spiritual needs and advance God’s kingdom in the world. 

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