Q&A with Lisa-Jo Baker

Last month we launched a fun new “ survey ” inviting readers to ask their favorite author a question. This month we caught up with Lisa-Jo Baker and asked her a few of your questions about writing, tea, and Easter traditions.


“In what ways does writing help you in your own spiritual walk?”
– Kate Motaung

I think most times our first reader is ourselves. We write so that we can understand, so that we can see, so that we can make sense of what God has been writing in our story. So for me, writing was seeing what God had been doing all along.

“I enjoy having afternoon tea with friends, and I found the tradition of South African tea to be quite intriguing! How is South African tea prepared? Do you have a good recipe to share for a traditional South African cake, cookies, or rusks? Please teach us to serve an authentic South African tea!”
– Rachel Lundy

It is the best tradition!! Typically we have tea around 4 in the afternoon and it’s always served hot with milk and sugar. Probably the best known South African kind of tea is Rooibos, which you get in the States now and pretty much everywhere else too. And here are two favorite recipes to enjoy a side of melktert or rusks along with your tea.

“What is one of your favorite traditions for marking Spring and/or the Easter season with your kids?”
– Lynn Reynolds

I have two boys and a daughter and they live for being outside. So a favorite is to be back in the yard, picking flowers, looking for tulips and daffodils and spotting robins again. And we have friends who host a 2,000 Easter Egg Neighborhood hunt at their farmhouse and that is becoming a favorite, favorite for everyone.


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