Christianity Today International and Tyndale House Make “New Living Translation Bible” for CTI Websites

July 23, 2008

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Christianity Today International and Tyndale House Partner to Make “New Living Translation Bible” Translation for CTI Websites
Posted Wednesday, July 23, 2008 by Tyndale House Publishers:

Carol Stream, IL, July 16, 2008 — Beginning September 15, 2008, the “New Living Translation” will become the default Bible translation for Bible searches and reference links on Christianity Today Internationals websites. When users select a Bible reference in the content on any of CTI’s 40 channels, they will be taken to the page for that reference, which will include not only the text of the verse, but the verse in context, as well as all of the study notes and features related to that verse from the “NLT Study Bible.” Additionally, CTI’s flagship websites—,,, and—will feature a Bible search box for users to search the NLT by reference or keyword.

Tyndale House will release the “NLT Study Bible” on September 15, the culmination of seven years of work by a team of over 40 Biblical scholars and editors. And while those who purchase a print edition of the “NLT Study Bible” will have an access code for lifetime access to the fully searchable online edition of the complete content of the “NLT Study Bible,” CTI website users will have that same complete access through the CTI portal.

“We know that today’s serious Bible students and teachers are using electronic Bibles and the internet in study like never before, so we think access to the ‘NLT Study Bible’ notes and other features will be of real benefit to those who use CTI’s websites,“ said Blaine Smith, Associate Publisher for Bible Publishing at Tyndale House. “As CTI website users discover the rich library of resources the ‘NLT Study Bible’ offers, we think they will want a copy of their own.”

According to Rob Gaskill, CTI’s Director of Strategic Relations, CTI is pleased that their website users will have direct access to the entire content of the “NLT Study Bible,” a much more robust study tool than simply the text of the verse.

“I’m excited about this wonderful opportunity to partner with our neighbor and Kingdom co-worker, Tyndale House Publishers,” said Harold Smith, Editor-in-Chief and CEO of CTI. “And I’m especially thrilled that we can, together, provide broader distribution and more creative access to a quality translation that will bring God’s living Word to bear on more and more people.”

Mark Taylor, president of Tyndale House, is also pleased with the partnership, adding, “Over the years, Tyndale and CTI have worked together on a number of significant publishing projects, and because of our profound respect for them, we are honored that they have chosen the ‘New Living Translation’ as the Bible translation for their websites.”