This Month in Tyndale History: April Edition

April showers bring May flowers and another month of Tyndale history. Over the past 50 years April has brought new exciting products, partnerships, and even new Tyndale departments. Check out some of these notable events from Aprils over the years.

 April 1989 

The first episode in the McGee and Me! video series is launched. The funding has come in the form of a grant from the Stratford Foundation to LBI, and Focus on the Family is a co-publisher with THP. Within two years, more than 1 million videos will be sold.


 April 1998 

Tyndale becomes a major publishing partner with Focus on the Family. An initial list of 65 backlist titles is launched.

 April 2005 

Tyndale Español is initiated with the hiring of Andres Schwartz, the first director of Spanish publishing. The first titles are published in October of that year.