Why Live Life Unplugged?

One of the true joys of a day (or even a few hours) at the beach is the freedom to unplug.

No phones, no pagers, no tablets or computers.

Yes, we all appreciate the speed and convenience of modern communication, but sometimes we must say, “Enough already!” to all the buzzes and beeps, dings and pings.


Fortunately, even if you’re wading in the shallow waters of the Caribbean—with no electronic gadgets in sight—you can still avail yourself of the most amazing form of communication ever invented: prayer .

The blessing of prayer allows us to stay connected to God all the time , anytime, no matter what we are doing (including diving for a conch shell or working on the perfect tan).

And even if the only prayer you can muster is “Ahhhhh!” or “Arrrrrgh!!!” God understands.

He knows the call of our hearts, even when words are not enough . . . or simply too much—those times when we are long on verbiage but short on coherence.


Prayer is about listening as well.

After you have prayed to God, quiet your heart and mind to hear what He has to say.

He longs to speak to every open spirit that is enduring the rush of the morning commute . . . or enjoying peace and quiet in a secluded spot in the woods.

So pray. Speak. Yearn. Listen.

Unplug from everything but the ultimate source of life.

God is near.


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This article is from A Day at the Beach by Jedd Hafer and Todd Hafer.