Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts to Make on a Winter Day

Tyndale Kids

This Valentine’s Day, we’re bringing back a staff favorite – Olivia’s Craft Corner! Keep reading to learn from the best as Olivia shows you how to make two adorable, kid-friendly Valentine’s Day crafts using Faith That Sticks sticker packs. 

Craft #1 – The Hugging Heart  The Hugging Heart Supplies_ Craft paper Scissors Glue Markers or crayons Stickers_decorations (Olivia used Miniature Red Heart, Hearts of

Watch how Olivia folds the arms:

Stickers/decorations used:
Miniature Red Heart
Hearts of Love
Jesus Loves You

Craft #2 – Valentine Garland

Supplies_ Craft paper Stickers Markers or crayons String Mini clothespins Cut craft paper into fourths to create small rectangular card

Stickers/decorations used:
Hearts of Love

We want to extend a huge thanks to Olivia Nunez for the wonderful craft creations, as well as to her mom, Jackie Nunez—who just so happens to also be the designer of the Hearts of Love puffy stickers. Creativity definitely runs in the family!

We would love to see your creations! Post a photo of your craft   to social media and  tag it #tyndalekids.