Kid Talk Tuesday: Back to School

Today’s Kid Talk Tuesday post is by Linda MacKillop, publishing coordinator. 

Whether your child is stepping on the school bus for the first time with wobbly knees and a brand-new lunch box, or they’re returning like old pros for yet another year of the same academic routine, this is a new beginning. A new grade, new friends, new experiences, new teacher, and new opportunities to grow.

And each year is a new beginning for the parents as well. As my own children made that September journey, I always knew those steps led up the stairs and farther down the aisle to a seat on the bus – but then a little farther down the road from me and from their childhood. So during this season, to help you treasure each moment with your child while also having some respite to recharge your mother motor, Tyndale is privileged to provide you with resources to enrich this transient parenting journey!

For your own pleasure and R & R, Tyndale has published several Mommy bloggers who write beautifully and entertainingly – with a few laughs thrown in – about their parenting experience. With a quiet cup of tea when the house is empty, we suggest picking up a copy of Lisa Jo Baker’s book, Surprised by Motherhood and savor how becoming a mom changed Lisa Jo’s life forever.

For a little laughter and levity, both Sophie Hudson and Melanie Shankle write with quirky humor about their families. We highly recommend A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet (Sophie) and Sparkly Green Earrings (Melanie) , if you’re not already well aware of them through their wildly popular blogs. Not only will you enjoy a good laugh, these writers help you feel a little less lonely on the journey of parenthood.

After the kids return at the end of the day and finish homework, all ready to unwind, consider introducing them to a few fun novels written just for them. Dandi Daley MacKall’s Backyard Horse series and Starlight Animal Rescue series will help your young ones forget the math and history for a moment and enjoy a well-written tale about animals. They might even learn a few things without knowing it! T.J. and the Time Stumblers travel through the years and stumble into lessons about love, honesty and patience. Learning spiritual truths has never been so fun – or funny!

Tyndale also offers great devotions to read together around the dinner table, or as the kids head to bed. Heroes of the Bible is a great read, depicting a Bible character’s super hero qualities. What child wouldn’t want a few super hero qualities to manage their school day?! Ask them which super hero traits rate high on their list.

For daughters, consider the devotional For Girls Only! to assist them as they put Biblical principles into practice. Complete with devotions, self-quizzes, and tips about how to live out (or live through!) the real life issues, this a must-read for all our daughters.   And let’s not forget the boys! No Girls Allowed is the companion devotion to the popular For Girls Only! Devotions and follows the same format, offering a story related to a scripture theme, an activity, quotes and Scripture that reinforces the theme.

For many young people, their warmest childhood memories include being in the heart of their home with an open book. We encourage you to flood their lives with delightful memories, books, and spiritual truths. Tyndale counts it a privilege to help you complete this task. Welcome to the start of a new year!