Jesus Is My Lantern Craft by Jesse Doogan

lantern header photo


Days are getting longer, but January always feels a little bit darker after the Christmas decorations are put away. Help your kids out of the January doldrums with this fun paper-lantern craft, and decorate the lanterns with stickers that remind them of who their light is. While you’re crafting, talk about what it means to be the light of the world.


You’ll need: lantern photo 1


1. Trim your construction paper down to a square. This will make your lantern a little skinnier, which will help the candlelight reflect off the sides.

lantern photo 2

2. Fold your paper in half and help your kids cut notches into the folded side of the paper. The notches should be about three inches deep. Make sure you save room to decorate!

lantern photo 3

3. Unfold your paper and add stickers to the top and bottom of your lantern. Leave about one inch of room on each edge.

lantern photo 4

4. Wrap your paper into a tube, overlapping about one inch, and carefully line up your notches. Tape the top and bottom of the lantern.

5. Place over a flameless tea candle, and enjoy your lantern!

lantern photo 5