How to Play Along with the Bible

Take a look at  The Play-Along Bible  through the eyes of author Bob Hartman and his grandchildren!

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Bob Hartman and Grandkids 3

Bob Hartman and Grandkids 2


 The Play Along Bible The Play-Along Bible  inspires children’s imaginations while growing their understanding of and love for God’s Word. Through simple hand motions, facial expressions, verbal exclamations, and funny noises, kids can participate and respond to God’s amazing story. Whether it’s acting out the dawn of creation by making a funny fish face or belting out a giant roar while pretending to be a ferocious beast in Daniel’s lions’ den, kids will encounter hundreds of fun ways to actively engage with the Bible. Using this fresh and easy, multisensory approach, you’ll be surprised how well your child will recall and absorb the Scriptures. Adding to the experience are delightful full-color illustrations from British artist Susie Poole.