Have a Family Fun Night with The Story Travelers Bible!

In The Story Travelers Bible , the Story Travelers—Lana Griffin and Munch—hop on an extraordinary bus and take a tour through some of the greatest stories in the Bible.

The kids watch Noah build his ark, see Moses discover the burning bush, and stand on the shore as John baptizes Jesus.

If you don’t have a time-traveling bus like the Story Travelers, you can still take your kids on a trip through Bible times with a family fun night!

Make biblical foods, turn your living room into a game board with The Story Travelers Printable Game , and then finish up with a bedtime story from the book.

For biblical foods, make authentic Middle Eastern food like lentil stew and roast fish, or try some themed food like “quail and manna” chicken and dumplings or some “locust and honey” sweet rolls. Hummus and pita bread are simple and always a win with kids! 

Then, download and print the Story Travelers game . You and your kids are the pieces in this game where the players must act out Bible events to make it to the finish line.

You can make the game as long or as short as you want by printing out extra blank spaces!

The game could go over furniture, under tables, up stairs, or even outside!

Finish your night with a bedtime story from The Story Travelers Bible .

Choose a favorite story, or pick the one that your kids had the most fun acting out.

What to Eat:

What to Play:

What to Read:

Read a story from The Story Travelers Bible that goes along with one of the night’s activities, or pick one of these classic favorites!

  • “An Overnight Stop in the Den of Lions,” p. 163
  • “A Very Long Walk for a Queen,” p. 167
  • “Staying with Friends,” p. 239
  • “Children Welcome,” p. 243

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