5 Books to Read with Your Best Friend


  “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”   Thomas Aquinas

Friendship is beautiful, in large part because of its elasticity. Friendship stretches through trial, bends to serve, and winds down the long, curving road of life’s joys and sorrows. I’ve found that I can enjoy anything as long as I’m with my best friend, including reading! Here are a few picks for the perfect books to read with your BFF. These novels will tighten your bond and help you talk about issues common to friendship.


 Nobody’s Cuter than You: A Memoir about the Beauty of Friendship  by Melanie Shankle

 Nobody’s Cuter than You   is a laugh-out-loud look at the special bond that exists between friends and a poignant celebration of all the extraordinary people God had the good sense to bring into our lives at exactly the right moments. On a day when our jeans feel too tight, our chins have decided to embrace hormone-related acne reminiscent of our teen years, and our kids have tested the limits of our sanity, friends are the ones who will look at us and say, “Nobody’s cuter than you!”


 To Be a Friend: Building Deep and Lasting Relationships  by Jerry White and Mary White

Much of the conscious development of our circle of friends rests on an understanding of the elements and foundations of friendship. There is no magic formula. They can’t be manufactured. But they are priceless. Walk with Jerry and Mary White in   To Be a Friend   as they probe and discover together the great adventure of being and having friends.


 Home Is Where My People Are: The Roads That Lead Us to Where We Belong  by Sophie Hudson

In   Home Is Where My People Are  , Sophie Hudson takes readers on a delightfully quirky journey through the South, introducing them to an unforgettable cast of characters, places, and experiences. Along the way, she reflects on how God has used each of the stops along the road to impart timeless spiritual wisdom and truth.



 Grown-Up Girlfriends: Finding and Keeping Real Friends in the Real World  by Erin Smalley and Carrie Oliver

Even when life is hectic and harried, every woman has a God-given longing for relationship, and her female friends play an important role in filling that. Using personal anecdotes and scriptural principles, Oliver and Smalley explain ten characteristics of a grown-up friend and offer ideas on how readers can develop these attributes in themselves.


 Band of Sisters  by Cathy Gohlke

Maureen O’Reilly and her younger sister flee Ireland in hope of claiming the life promised to their father over twenty years before. After surviving the rigors of Ellis Island, Maureen learns that their benefactor, Colonel Wakefield, has died. Despite her family’s disapproval, Olivia Wakefield determines to honor her father’s debt. As women begin disappearing from the store, Olivia rallies influential ladies in her circle to help Maureen take a stand against injustice and fight for the lives of their growing band of sisters.


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