The Filament Bible Adds Worship Music with Help from The Worship Initiative

Scroll to the bottom to learn about how you can get a free Filament Bible t-shirt.   The Filament Bible has always been a great tool for those hoping to grow their faith through deeper Bible study, devotional reading, compelling visuals, and informative videos from The Bible Project. With the help of The Worship Initiative, […]

Personal Bible Study with the Filament Bible

One of the most important things we can do to nurture our faith is to be engaged in regular personal study of God’s Word. While each of us have our own methods and strategies for our daily devotions, it can often be helpful to learn from what is working for other people to find inspiration […]

Latest Additions to the Filament Bible App

One of the best things about the Filament Bible is that the content can be updated regularly in order to provide you with more and more excellent resources as time goes on. Here is what we’ve been up to lately: October 2019 App Update (version 1.2) Reflect We added over 1,000 new devotional articles in […]

A Bible that’s Bigger on the Inside—and getting bigger all the time

Have you ever had the experience where you are participating in a small group discussion, listening to a sermon, or reading your Bible anywhere away from home, and you have a question that you’d just love to get some information about? Maybe you even own a study Bible that you think would have the answer, […]

Teaching with the Filament Bible

One of my favorite ways to serve at my church is teaching the Bible. Whether it is an adult discussion group on Sunday morning, a small group, or even a kids’ Sunday School class, I just love the opportunity to lead a conversation around God’s Word. Recently, I had the pleasure of teaching a group […]

Family Bible Reading that Sticks

Reading the Bible together as a family is an idea that sounds great, but as many parents have discovered, it is much easier said than done. With all the distractions around us, it is a challenge to keep our kids (and even the parents!) interested and engaged. Ken Weigel, Senior Director of Strategy for the […]

Gospel of John Reading Plan and Study Guide

Getting started with the Bible can be intimidating, but you don’t have to do it on your own. We’ve developed a free reading guide to help you get started. It is a simple 21-day plan that will walk you through the entire Gospel of John in about 10 minutes per day, but with some resources […]

The #John1Challenge

Building a habit of Bible reading can be a challenge. But who said challenges can’t be fun? The #John1Challenge is designed to help you kick-start your Bible reading by engaging with one chapter of the Bible for five minutes every day for five days. Download the free PDF, which includes the #John1Challenge guide as well […]

What People Are Saying about Filament

The Bible Review Guys posted a pretty thorough review with lots of great pictures.   Check back later for even more reviews and comments from real Filament users. If you’d like your review to be featured here, send us a note at

Five Filament Stories

God has made each of us as unique individuals, and that extends to the way we hear from him through the Scriptures as well. Some of us love to dive in to the details of the text and study the historical background. Others want someone to come alongside us and help uncover just one nugget […]