A Bible that’s Bigger on the Inside—and getting bigger all the time

Have you ever had the experience where you are participating in a small group discussion, listening to a sermon, or reading your Bible anywhere away from home, and you have a question that you’d just love to get some information about? Maybe you even own a study Bible that you think would have the answer, but you just didn’t feel like lugging that big book around with you, so you decide to wait until you get home to check. Only most of the time, you forget and an opportunity for learning and growth has passed you by.

What if you could have a Bible that is easy to carry and read, but also contains a wealth of study notes, maps, profiles, articles—even videos—all designed to help you have the tools you need to engage with your questions whenever you think of them. That sounds like a great idea, but practically speaking there’s just no way to fit that much content in a Bible that isn’t enormous.

Unless your Bible is bigger on the inside.

That’s what makes the Filament Bible so special. It is actually bigger on the inside—every page is linked to a digital library of relevant content designed to help you read deeply. And all you need besides the Bible itself is the phone or iPad you are probably already carrying with you.

Here’s how it works: The physical Bible is minimal and elegant in design. Single-column, easy-to-read print, and nice margins make for a pleasant reading experience where you can connect to God through his Word without distraction. And beneath every page number is a simple cross, which is your gateway to everything else. This is what transforms the Filament Bible into the TARDIS of Bibles. You simply pull out your smartphone or tablet and scan the page number using the Filament app. Instantly, you are connected to study notes, book introductions, people profiles, theme articles, devotional readings, interactive maps, videos, and more—all connected just to the specific page you are reading.

It really is remarkable how much content is available on every page—more than you could ever fit on the pages of numerous study Bibles put together. Even more remarkable is that new content is being added regularly. So this Bible that is already bigger on the inside actually keeps getting even bigger and better with age.

When we originally launched the Filament Bible in October 2018, you would find an average of 19 study notes, 12 articles, 2 devotionals, and 4 visuals on any given page of the Bible. But we have been hard at work identifying places where we could add even more helpful content. Soon we will be adding new maps, infographics, and videos as well as nearly doubling the amount of devotional content available in the app. Those updates will be rolling out between now and September 2019. And we won’t stop there. The Filament Bible will just keep getting better over time.

To learn more about all the features of the Filament Bible NLT visit our home page.