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What motivates Islamic terrorists? What is in the mind of terror? Our news reports from the Middle East cover events—bombings, massacres, and suicide attacks. Our newscasters take time to explain who the players are—from Hezbollah to the Iranian Quds, from ISIS to the Palestinian National Authority. But there is something underneath these events and players that fuels atrocity after atrocity in the Middle East. What is it? Tass Saada provides the answer to that question as he delves into the mind of terror, explaining what motivates extremist groups throughout the Middle East. A former Muslim and a onetime sniper with Yasser Arafat’s Fatah organization, Tass has lived it himself. At age 42, he steered his life in a radical new direction, committing it to Jesus. Tass not only describes the motivations and aspirations of those who live in the Middle East, he also outlines a peaceful solution. We can plant seeds of hope that will transform not only the Middle East, but also our increasingly diverse neighborhoods at home. Discover the mind behind terror and how to oppose its grip.

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Tass’s life before Christ as an assassin for Arafat gives him a depth of understanding of this subject like none other. When Tass speaks of terror, he knows, firsthand, what makes someone take this kind of drastic direction.

What I appreciate about The Mind of Terror is the heart of my friend Tass Saada. This is a man who overflows with genuine agape love. Here is a powerful story of the gospel being lived out in the heart of the Holy Land, where there is so much brokenness. It is a testament of the truth “Love never fails.” We as believers cannot allow differences to keep us from loving each other or listening to one another. This book will open your eyes to new things and delivers glorious hope!

Tass Saada knows Islamic terrorism—because he was involved in it. But he also knows the peace found in a relationship with Christ. Tass’s personal journey has equipped him to share the hope he has found in the gospel with those we might think would be least receptive to the message. In this fascinating book, he shows us how to reach the unreachable.