Advent Devotions 2022

Advent Devotions 2022

Catch up on any Advent devotions you might have missed at the links below! You can also share these links with friends and loved ones—or better yet, let them know they can receive these devotions by email throughout Advent by signing up here.

November 27: First Sunday of Advent – Hope

November 28: A Prayer for Advent

November 29: The Promised One

November 30: Finding Hope in the Waiting

December 1: Hope in the Darkness

December 2: Mary, a Woman Who Said “Yes”

December 3: Right on Time

December 4: Second Sunday of Advent – Peace

December 5: Never Undone

December 6: The Incarnation

December 7: The Message of Christmas

December 8: Mary, the First to Worship Jesus

December 9: A Son in a Mother’s Womb

December 10: Every Little Thing Is Going to Be Okay

December 11: Third Sunday of Advent – Joy

December 12: Laugh!

December 13: Worship Anew

December 14: What God Has Done

December 15: Mourning to Dancing

December 16: A Birthday Present for Jesus

December 17: The Greatest Gift

December 18: Fourth Sunday of Advent – Love

December 19: The Gift We Need

December 20: The Messiah’s Mission to Save

December 21: Come and Worship

December 22: Adore

December 23: God Pitched His Tent

December 24: Christmas Eve

December 25: Merry Christmas!