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Loaded with charts, graphs, images, and fascinating facts, the Women of the Bible Old Testament Bible Study is easy enough that the new believer understands, but in-depth enough that the longtime churchgoer still comes away learning something new. This six-session Bible study explores the impact of incredible women from the Old Testament. With fascinating historical insights and engaging discussion questions, you’ll learn about Old Testament women such as:
  • The outspoken matriarch Rebecca
  • Five daughters who reshaped the law for women in ancient Israel
  • The outstanding judge Deborah and the feisty warrior Jael
  • A life-saving wise woman of a city under siege
  • The hospitable woman of Shunem
  • Lady Wisdom from the book of Proverbs who is the picture of wise living

Readers of the Bible today too often skip over these women’s narratives, overlooking them in favor of more well-known Old Testament characters like Moses or David. But these women’s stories—whether brief or lengthy—all point to aspects of God’s character and help us understand the larger story of God’s workings with humanity.

These women were exceptional for their time, with their decisive and brave actions that reshaped their communities and saved lives. But they were also ordinary women who were resourceful with whatever they had and used it to face the obstacles confronting them. The stories of these women long ago beckon us to also walk boldly in trust, courage, wisdom, and faithfulness.

Most Bible studies on the women of the Bible don’t include visuals. Imagine having one that does! Perfect for small groups, individual use, young adult study, homeschool, church library, to give to a friend, and more!

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