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Through Gates of Splendor is the true story of five young missionaries who were savagely killed while trying to establish communication with the Auca Indians of Ecuador. The story is told through the eyes of Elisabeth Elliot, the wife of one of the young men who was killed.

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One of the most riveting missionary stories I have ever read. This book will keep you in awe of God's sovereign will over all of life's happenings. From before being a missionary to being widowed on the mission field you will marvel at God's grace in Ms. Elliot's life. A biography of sorts on the life of Jim Elliot, a little of Jim & Elisabeth's courtship story, their life as a young married couple with a baby (later) as missionaries in Ecuador, Jim's death and the death of the other missionary men that were with him. A great testimony of still loving God in the midst of our circumstances. Highly recommend!!