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This book is for anyone who has been hurt in life and would benefit from a hope-filled daily companion. Critically acclaimed author Nancy Guthrie offers insightful daily reflections based on the Word of God to comfort, encourage, and uplift those who are feeling the aches of life—whether it's because of everyday disappointments or deep losses. Through a year's worth of thoughtful entries, the reader will learn how much God longs to lift us up, carry us through in times of difficulty and uncertainty, and give us true, lasting joy. Each daily step draws you closer to a God who truly cares and the hopeful life he wants you to enjoy.

In short:
  • Daily Scripture readings.
  • Daily reflections for those who are experiencing any pain, disappointment, or grief.
  • Daily opportunity to “dig deeper” into God's Word.
  • Weekly questions for reflection, opportunities for further meditation, and directed prayer.

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Exclusive Preview

“My husband and I had just moved to Nashville for an exciting job opportunity in Sept of 2008. He had just turned 50 and we were looking forward to what God had in store for us in a new city. Within a month of moving he was diagnosed with mesothelioma(terminal cancer caused by asbestos)at Vanderbilt. We were stunned mostly because he never knew he was exposed to asbestos and because he was to this point so healthy. I remember going to Lifeway in search of a daily devotional for us to read together, we knew we were facing a tough battle. After looking at many, the One Year Book of Hope looked perfect. I remember praying on the way home with my purchase, that God would allow us the time to finish it. This devotional changed our lives. We were already Christians with strong faith, but this enabled us to dig deeper in the scriptures and as Charlie's disease progressed so did our faith in Christ. We looked forward to starting each day with our devotional and shared it with our children and whoever happened to be visiting. We would spend hours sometimes just on one day. We finished the devotional, it took us more than a year due to setbacks along the way. God called my wonderful husband home on March 31 at the age of 51. Right until the end we had hope, not in things of this world, but eternal life. Tonight I was looking through the devotional for some encouragement and I happened upon page 62. I take such great comfort in knowing he is no longer in pain, no longer having trouble breathing and in the presence of almighty God. This is all that comforts me right now and believing it does make a difference in how I feel. I plan to reread the One Year Book of Hope myself and I look forward to what God will reveal to me the second time around. Thank you for sharing your heart for God in this devotional, your faith is an inspiration. I envision Charlie sitting with Jesus telling him all about the things he learned in the One Year Book of Hope!”