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This collection bundles both books from beloved author Catherine Palmer’s charming Finders Keepers series into one e-book for a great value!

#1 Finders Keepers

Fiery Elizabeth Hayes is determined to preserve Chalmers House, the Victorian mansion next to her growing antiques business. But Zachary Chalmers, heir to the mansion, has very different plans. Together they learn that God has the best plans of all—if we will only surrender to him.

#2 Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek is the sequel to Finders Keepers. Written by best-selling author Catherine Palmer, this romance novel celebrates life and love. It clearly shows that despite our desire to hide from life, the only safe hiding place is in God. Author Catherine Palmer is an award-winning fiction writer in both the general and religious markets. Sales of her twenty books have exceeded one million copies! This latest work is sure to please fiction lovers of all ages.

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