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Find out the successful habits of highly successful people and how they moved past failure to success

What is success? Winston Churchill said, "Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm." June Hunt adds, "And without losing your faith." Life isn't like the movies; so don't let Hollywood fool you. Chances are the successful business or successful people that you look up to have experienced total failure. This easy-to-read mini-book, Success Through Failure, is packed with practical and Christian advice on how to move you from miserable failure, despair, and hopelessness, to vision and courage. Includes tips for "success", success quotes, and more!

Author and Christian radio host June Hunt has counseled hundreds of people who have experienced miserable failure, discouraging setbacks, and total failure throughout their lives.

Find out:
  • What those successful people do to turn failure to success.
  • How God helps you find your passion again.
  • What your true identity is in Christ—not a loser but someone who is called to a good future.

Find out How Your Personality Can Be Used to Turn Failure into Success

Your feelings as you face failure depend on your personality type. Learn what the different personality types are, how they each handle failure, along with the Bible promises that God has especially for you.

Included in this mini-book is what makes you a failure and what makes you a success.

In the section titled, "Steps to Solution," June Hunt explains:
  • 8 things to know about yourself
  • How to find God's forgiveness in your failures
  • What to do when you have failed
  • How to turn stumbling stones into steppingstones
  • What to do when someone fails you
  • And much more

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