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Product Description

A God-Shaped Life
Using memorable images and poetic turns of phrase, Proverbs describes what our everyday lives look like when we’ve put our spiritual lives in order. You’ll find help for every decision—the way of wisdom versus folly, wealth versus poverty, pride versus humility, love and lust, life and death. You’ll find life-giving insights that apply to the broad range of challenges we experience in our lives—family, friendships, injustice, desire, goodness, conflict, and more. See what a God-shaped life looks like when we live it out.

LifeChange Bible studies will help you grow in Christlikeness through a life-changing encounter with God’s Word. Filled with a wealth of ideas for going deeper so you can return to this study again and again.

  • Cover the entire book of Proverbs in 15 lessons
  • Equip yourself to lead a Bible study
  • Imagine the Bible’s historical world
  • Study word origins and definitions
  • Explore thoughtful questions on key themes
  • Go deeper with optional projects
  • Add your notes with extra space and wide margins
  • Find the flexibility to fit the time you have

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