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A vibrant, unstuck prayer life can begin for you right now.

Why is it so difficult to pray without getting distracted?
Why don’t I have this figured out by now?

Pray Confidently and Consistently is for all of us who ask these questions and yearn for more. Join author and prayer journal creator Valerie Woerner in learning to pray boldly to the God of the universe who is beckoning us to come sit with him, share our hearts and needs, and simply know him.

Living in close communication with our Father has the power to transform even the most difficult moments of our lives. What weights do we need to throw off so they don’t hold us back from a deeper connection with God? What distractions are keeping us from running freely with him?

When we release the burdens suffocating our prayer lives and leaving us gasping for Jesus, we can finally experience the truth that prayer changes everything.

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