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Valerie Woerner

Valerie Woerner is an author and the owner of Val Marie Paper, where her mission is to create practical tools and content that equip women to cut through the noise of everyday life and find fullness in the presence of the Lord. Before starting Val Marie Paper in 2012, Valerie owned a wedding planning business and fell in love with paper design while creating wedding invitations for clients. During her first pregnancy, she created a prayer journal that she desperately needed—and she quickly found that many other women needed it too! She graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 2007 with a degree in journalism and English. She thought she was destined to work for a big magazine in New York City but found she enjoyed personal column writing more. Her experience designing newspaper pages and her love for writing have come full circle, as she uses both to create content and products that encourage women to transform their lives through prayer and action. Valerie lives in Lafayette, Louisiana, with her husband, Tyler, and their two daughters, Vivi and Vana. She loves reading, going on barefoot walks around her neighborhood, taking Sunday naps on her screened-in porch, and eating good Cajun food.Visit Valerie's shop: