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These studies guide you through the storyline of Scripture-each following a person, place, or thing in the Bible. Maybe you are practiced in dissecting a passage and pulling things out of the text to apply to your life. But now you may feel as though your faith is fragmented. The Storyline Bible studies help you put the pieces back together. You’ll discover cohesive, thematic storylines with literary elements and appreciate the Bible as the masterpiece that it is.

Each study is five weeks long and can be paired with its thematic partner for a seamless ten-week study to fit in a church semester. Every study features:

  • Gospel presentation at the beginning of each Bible study
  • Full Scripture passages included in the study so that you can mark up the text and keep your notes in one place
  • Insights from female scholars and scholars of color
  • Free resources for preaching and leading small groups

In the ancient, symbol-driven world of the Bible, location didn’t just matter—it had meaning. The Mountains Bible study will guide you through five mountaintop Bible stories because mountains are holy ground for connecting with God. We will explore:

  • Genesis 1–2: Mount of Creation, where God created the world
  • Exodus 19–20: Mount Sinai, where God gives the Israelites the Mosaic law
  • Matthew 5: Mount of the Sermon, where Jesus’ delivers his most famous message
  • Matthew 17: Mount of Transfiguration, where Jesus revealed his glory
  • Matthew 28: Mount of the Great Commission, where Jesus commissioned his disciples

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