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If you’ve ever asked yourself why you do what you do, or wondered what your purpose is in life, this book is for you.
The lives of an intensely-driven basketball coach, an ultra-successful CEO, and an unassuming janitor all intersect in this captivating parable about leadership, relationships, and the pursuit of success. An unforgettable story packed with profound truths, LEAD . . . for God’s Sake! will challenge you to think deeply about who you are as a leader, what success means to you, and why you do what you do. Whether you’re leading a business, a team, or your own family, this book is the first and most important step to becoming the leader you were meant to be.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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I have been reluctant to read this book for many months, not fully understanding what it was. The author is from the small town we live in, and actually attends the same church as my family (their children are in my children's classes at school as well). While there has been much hype in our area since the release of the book, it was never one I intended to purchase, I thought it was a "self-help" book of sorts. Then it became available through one of the company's I do book reviews for, so I thought I would give it a try. While the beginning was a bit rough for me (some choice language is sprinkled through out the first few chapters), I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Needless to say, I immediately handed it off to my husband, who is an elementary school teacher and basketball coach, and told him it is a "must read"! While the book does deal with leadership and "self help" issues, it felt more like a fiction story I was reading, which is right up my alley! Coach Rocker is dealing with many issues that are relevant in marriages today, and seems to be going through much more in his job as well. He struggles in many areas, and at times is just trying to stay afloat. How can he be the leader others expect him to be, when he doesn't even have his own life in order? The one storyline I couldn't get enough of was that of Joe, the Janitor. What a special and unique man he represented! Through the relationships that are formed, we are taken deeper in to the life of Joe, and find out how he became the man that he is today. On the surface, Joe seems to be your average blue collar worker, but after spending several minutes with him, you learn there is so much more to who he is. If you're looking for a great book to read, and glean some wonderful leadership advice from, then this book is for you! Even as a stay at home mom (who leads a girl scout group, coaches Upward Cheerleading, and works with children at church) there were so many take-a ways from this book for me. Everyone needs a "Joe" in their life, teaching them what it means to be a leader, and more importantly, a child of God. I enthusiastically give this book 5 stars! It would make a wonderful Christmas gift for that special someone in your life!