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Tyndale House Publishers Author Haydn Shaw Contends Christianity Isn’t Dying and Millennials Aren’t the Pr

Carol Stream, Ill.—“Christianity is dying, and Millennials are the problem.” We hear this statement over and over again—yet is it true? Haydn Shaw, leading expert on understanding generational differences and full-time speaker and consultant for FranklinCovey, strongly disagrees with this statement and will prove why in his newest book, Generational IQ: Christianity Isn’t Dying, Millennials Aren’t the Problem, and the Future is Bright. The book (978-1-4143-6472-8, hardcover, $17.99,, written with Ginger Kolbaba, will release in October 2015 from Tyndale House Publishers.

Why is my daughter drifting from God?
Why can’t I explain my life choices to my parents?
When will my son get a real job?
Within the last several decades, the world has shifted dramatically. The cracks of this fundamental shift appear everywhere: in our economy, in our cultural debates, in our political landscape, and, most important, in our churches. The problem is we tend to overreact to these changes, fearing that Christianity is dying. We need better Generational IQ so we can respond to the changes without being terrified by them. We need a wise generational coach.
Haydn Shaw is that generational expert, showing us the roots of this generational shift and how it affects every one of us. Each generation, whether it’s the aging Baby Boomers or the young Millennials, approaches God with a different set of questions and needs based on the era when they grew up. Haydn walks you through these generational differences and paints a vision of hope for the future.
Generational IQ will be supported by a comprehensive marketing campaign as well as a national publicity push.
Haydn Shaw is a leading expert on understanding generational differences and turning around negative work environments and employees. He has worked with more than one thousand businesses, nonprofits, and governmental organizations. He is a full-time speaker and consultant for FranklinCovey, specializing in leadership, execution, and personal productivity methodologies. Hailed as a “leadership guru” by the Washington Post, he has delivered hundreds of convention keynotes and intimate off-sites. Haydn lives with his wife, Laurie, in a multigenerational household in Illinois.
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