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Over 1 million books sold in the Kingdom series!

“Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be provided to you.”

Having the right focus makes all the difference in life. If we are busy focusing on external frivolities or personal ambitions rather than on the kingdom of God, we wind up missing out on serving God’s kingdom—as well as many of the other things we hope to attain in life. However, when we align our lives with God’s Word, we get to experience the greatest freedom we could ever know.

In Kingdom Focus, Tony Evans teaches readers how to focus on the things God Himself focuses on in Scripture and explores the issues that delight His heart. It is by doing so that we can discover the joy and the power of delighting in the same things. Allow God to sharpen your focus, transform your mind, and empower you to live every aspect of your life in light of the kingdom to which you have been chosen and called, for such a time as this.

Learn how to
  • examine the spiritual habits we can employ to sharpen our focus for God’s kingdom,
  • fully maximize life while on earth,
  • delve deeper into the character and heart of God, and
  • recognize how God’s love for us guides us every step of the way.

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