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16 Exciting Detective Stories for Readers to Solve

A good detective keeps her hands clean. That means staying out of trouble . . . and using lots of soap.

There’s something mysterious going on in Odyssey . . . again. But the Jones and Parker Detective Agency is on the case. No mystery is too big (or too small) for Emily Jones and Matthew Parker. And this new adventure promises to be a real doozy. It all starts with a mysterious phone caller who threatens to blackmail Jones and Parker’s friend Jeremy. But this new nemesis won’t be satisfied with just Jeremy. Can Emily and Matthew identify the blackmailer and prevent his reign of terror from continuing?

Jones and Parker Case Files #2: The Nemesis compiles 16 more stories published in Clubhouse magazine. In one fun volume, kids can play detective along with Emily and Matthew as they examine the evidence and inspect the clues. Filled with humor, faith, and an ominous mystery, this second adventure in the Jones and Parker series is enjoyable for everyone in the family and all fans of Adventures in Odyssey.

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