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Product Description

From the creators of Adventures in Odyssey
The Imagination Station
New Early Reader chapter series that makes reading fun

Travel around the world and through time with Patrick and Beth as they encounter knights, giants, and Pilgrims, and celebrate the first Thanksgiving feast. The Imagination Station books are filled with action-packed adventures that inspire kids’ imaginations and make them want to experience more!

Revenge of the Red Knight
Patrick and Beth finally come face-to-face with Albert, and are accused of stealing treasure. Will they prove their innocence before the new moon, when Lord Darkthorn will return to lock them in a tower?

Showdown with the Shepherd
Join Patrick and Beth on a trip to the Holy Land in 1000 BC. The cousins must stop Hugh before he changes history and helps the Philistines win against the Israelites.

Problems in Plymouth
Patrick and Beth find themselves at Plymouth Colony in 1621. Can they save the first Thanksgiving feast, or will it turn into the first Pilgrim-Indian war?

Product Details

Trim Size:
5.5 x 8 in.
Kids will experience an unforgettable journey filled with action-packed adventure that will inspire their imagination. When they step into the Imagination Station, they’ll be whisked away with Patrick and Beth to embark on a journey around the world and through time.

Visit a medieval castle and “see” a joust in Revenge of the Red Knight; travel to the Holy Land with David in Showdown with the Shepherd; and join in on the first Thanksgiving feast in Problems in Plymouth.