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Meet the characters that live, work, dream, and love in the community of Deepwater Cove. Best-selling authors Gary Chapman and Catherine Palmer team up to show how four married couples, all in different stages in life, experience the joys and hardships of marriage as examined in Gary Chapman's The Four Seasons of Marriage. In book one, Steve and Brenda face a common problem among middle-age couples: empty nest syndrome. Steve works too much, and with their two children out of the house, Brenda feels lonely and unfulfilled. In order to save their marriage, the two must learn to reconnect. Readers are also introduced to many charming characters, like Cody, the mentally challenged homeless man that shows up on Steve and Brenda's porch; Pete, who owns the Rods ’N’ Ends tackle shop; and Patsy Pringle, who owns the Just As I Am beauty parlor, where much of the action takes place.
The series is based on the marriage principles found in Gary Chapman's non-fiction book The Four Seasons of Marriage. Similar in tone and light-hearted, quirky humor as Jan Karon's Mitford series, Fannie Flagg's books or Steel Magnolias. Each book has a study guide that talks about the four seasons of marriage and the healing strategies depicted in that volume's story.

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I love this book! It's full of lighthearted humor that touches us. The topic of the book covers many aspects of human nature in regards to relationships. I can't wait to read the next book.

Wonderful book! Love anything by Gary Chapman!!

Just finished reading this first book of the Four Seasons series, and I am so anxious to start the next! The character development really makes the reader want to be a part of the precious community of Deepwater Cove. The insight into marriage and the work it takes to keep it vibrant is a very clear message. There are so many other underlying themes woven in to the story that it surely makes the book a tapestry of art! Cannot wait to continue reading about the lives of these unique characters!

I truly enjoyed the characters in this book, and am curious to know how the story continues. Some of the conversations between the characters felt a little forced, and it didn't always flow naturally. Still, I did enjoy the read!