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Loss of interest. Drastic changes in appetite. Deep sadness. Feeling constantly tired. Thoughts of death or suicide. The symptoms and signs of depression vary over a wide range and affect every part of our lives, so why shouldn’t our treatment be just as complete? Five Keys to Dealing with Depression focuses on the whole person for whole healing. It contains practical tips, valuable biblical insight, and shame-free help.

People are not one-dimensional and neither should be the help given to them. A person is made up of five key aspects, and this book makes it easy to understand not only how depression affects each area but also how to get healthy in each of these areas:
  1. Emotional
  2. Intellectual
  3. Relational
  4. Physical
  5. Spiritual
Featuring helpful checklists and research in an easy-to-read format, Jantz’s Five Keys to Dealing with Depression doesn’t just manage symptoms. It equips you with the tools and God’s truth to care for the whole person.

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