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Do you need to confront someone who is doing something wrong? It can be awkward, even a little risky, but confrontation for the purpose of exposing what is wrong to establish what is right is biblical. In this Christian book, June Hunt, shows you how to confront someone for the purpose of conviction, correction, and a changed life. Learn:
  • 5 methods of confrontation used within the Bible
  • The difference between hostile and assertive confrontations
  • 4 common confrontation styles, which will help you realize whether you respond in a healthy way to confrontation or run away from it out of fear

June explains the characteristics of confrontation, indicating when you should and when you should not confront someone. She provides

  • 4 proven confrontation strategies and provides examples and illustrations of appropriate/inappropriate ways to confront people.
  • 11 "commandments" of confrontation backed by scripture, covering topics such as respect, listening to others, guilt, and more.

After you decide that you are going to confront someone, you must decide the best way to confront them so that the person can hear, understand, and want to change. Since different methods produce different results, the last section titled, "Steps to Solution," gives you practical advice on how to confront others in a way that is pleasing to God.

Life is full of confrontations—from birth to death. Confrontation is inevitable and impossible to escape. Therefore, the question is not, "Will confrontation occur?" but "How will it occur?" How will you choose to confront troublesome behavior in your own life, and how will you confront it in the lives of others? With June Hunt's Christian book, Confrontation, you will gain the peace, comfort, and confidence that come from a healthy understanding of confrontation.

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