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The Church Is the Only Hope for Renewing and Redeeming Your Community

Your church is meant to be a conduit of hope and healing, redemption and renewal for your neighborhood. Is your church equipped and ready for this important work? In Building an Outreach Ministry to Your Community, Pastor Tyrone Barnette uses the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand to explore how Jesus himself ministered to people. Then Barnette shows how he applied those principles to outreach ministry in his own church. Filled with interviews with other ministry leaders who are tackling the challenges of reaching their communities, this book is packed with practical advice on how to
  • establish ministry outreach initiatives in your church,
  • identify needs in your community,
  • encourage a whatever-it-takes mindset,
  • equip young people to serve,
  • serve with limited resources, and much more.
This book is your blueprint to grow your church by helping your members turn outward. God intends for the church to be his open hand extended to the people in your community.

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