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“Sean has a gift for taking tough concepts and bringing them down to earth in practical ways that make a difference.” —William Lane Craig, Ph.D.

Following Jesus has never been harder. In a culture that glamorizes sex, chases fame, and shames those who don’t fall in line, it takes a rebel to be a Christian.

In this book, Sean McDowell aims to encourage and inspire a generation of rebels who will dare to stand up to the madness in a just and loving manner.

A Rebel’s Manifesto offers clear guidance to help people navigate the many moral issues that plague this generation. Students today are oriented toward action on ethical issues, and Sean will not only help them think biblically about various ethical issues, but he will also offer practical steps to make a positive difference in this world. In this book, Sean covers
  • navigating bullying and social media;
  • handling loneliness, pornography, and sex;
  • approaching various conversations around climate change, race, and other controversial issues; and
  • articulating and defending biblical views at school, online, and with friends.
Life doesn’t need to devolve into an online shouting match. Sean proposes a better way: to live a life calmly and confidently grounded in biblical truth.

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