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Sean McDowell

Sean McDowell is a high school teacher, speaker, and author. He graduated summa cum laude from Talbot Theological Seminary with a double master's degree in philosophy and theology. He is the author of Ethix: Being Bold in a Whatever World, and coauthor of Understanding Intelligent Design and Evidence for the Resurrection. Sean is also the general editor for Apologetics for a New Generation and The Apologetics Study Bible for Students. Sean was named Educator of the Year for San Juan Capistrano in 2007–08. His apologetics training has received exemplary status from the Association of Christian Schools International. He has been a guest on radio shows such as Focus on the Family, The Bible Answer Man, Point of View, and The Frank Pastore Show. You can read Sean's blog and contact him for speaking events at In April 2000, Sean married his high school sweetheart, Stephanie. They have two children, Scottie and Shauna, and live in San Juan

Capistrano, California.